Thursday, May 14, 2009

REVIEW--Secret to a Shiny Healthy Coat and Less Itch--Dr. Harvey's Health & Shine

These little capsules have probably improved Muffin’s appearance and health--and she was always beautiful--more than any other product. About 3 years ago the soft silky lustrous coat she now wears was slightly coarse not too shiny and quite itchy. Back then I just figured it was in her makeup and let it be. As I acquired more dog smarts--better foods definitely made some subtle improvements but not enough.
The secret is omega 3 fatty acids or fish oil. The benefits of a diet rich in omega 3’s are HUGE for both humans and dogs.
What can fatty acids do for your dog? Where do I begin?
• nourish the skin-promote a shiny coat-reduced shedding
• anti-inflammatory properties fight joint pain and arthritis
• can treat allergies, high cholesterol, kidney disease
• promotes a healthy heart and better circulation
• slows cancer growth
• improves immune system
• promotes a healthy brain and can slow mental decline
Certain dog foods have some omega 6 fatty acids, but if you’re feeding dry food your fido is definitely lacking in the crucially important omega 3’s.
Now here’s the big problem with adding an actual oil to your dogs food--they are messy and the fishy smell stinks up everything from your counter top and hands to your dogs mouth. You also want a very pure oil free of the toxins found in fish and oceans. Some brands seemed to soften her poop too much--and it’s important to experiment with the dosage until you get the perfect poop. Do not do what I once did--gave Muffin my own Trader Joes Omega capsules. After a day or she smelled like stale fish and was probably way too high a dose!
These Health and Shine capsules are EASY and don’t stink. Doctor Harvey’s has an actual pioneering veterinarian behind it--Dr. Harvey Cohen--who uncovered the importance human grade pet foods and over-vaccinating--and helped many dogs lead better, longer lives. Muffin’s food--Honest Kitchen-- needs to hydrate in warm water for about 10 minutes--so the capsule begins to dissolve beforehand. You’ll see the effects after a couple of weeks--and as I always say--the extra money spent now on things like quality food and supplements will save you a bundle in present and future vet bills.
A jar of 90 capsules--muffin gets 1/day--should run about $20-$25.
This is simply great stuff--start using it now.

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