Saturday, November 22, 2008

REVIEW-World's Best Dog Food

Ever since the extremely scary pet food recall tragedy I've been very discriminating about every morsel of food little Muffin gets.
She actually was eating one of the contaminated recalled food's (Nutro) and you can imagine my heart-thumping panic!
I will not even buy foods at any of the national chains anymore.
Thank goodness I discovered The Honest Kitchen.
They have an innovative super premium line of dried foods-just add water and let hydrate for about 10 minutes.

These are HUMAN GRADE wholesome foods manufactured in a human facility in San Diego. Isn't this how it should be!
Most of their foods contain a protien like beef, chicken, or turkey plus some grains (they also have a grain free food) dried vegetables, fruits and herbs. Added to this is a completely FOOD GRADE vitamin/mineral supplement.

A 10 pound box makes 43 pounds of fresh, nutritious food and retails for about $65.00 at Pet Foods Market in Manhattan Beach CA-where I always buy it .
Muffin weighs 18 pounds and goes through about 1 box/month. Sure it's not cheap, but she's been extremely healthy, and when you factor in less trips to the vet and the peace of mind it's certainly worth it.
I'd rather spend less on my own food than give Muffin anything less than the best.

The Whole Dog Journal
, which does very thorough lengthy research and reviews was highly impressed with this food and the facility it's born in.
Finding a food that Muffin's sensitive tummy can tolerate has always been a challenge. Now her poops are beautiful, her coat looks great, she's alert with lot's of energy.

I give her the Embark formulation, which has the turkey protein. She's waits by the bowl as it hydrates and always gets very excited as she licks the stirring spoon just before I place the bowl down.
After trying so many different foods for her, I really cannot imagine feeding her anything but this. It's been said to have many of the advatages of a raw food minus the hassles and bacterial concerns.
RATING KEY-- 1 BONE=Stinky Poop to 5 Bones=Muffin Love (The BEST)

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designergirl said...

Best food dogs have never been healthier!! Completely cuts down on vet visits.



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