Friday, May 15, 2009

Doorbells on TV and Barking Dogs

Does your dog bark when she hears the TV doorbell?
Why so many doorbells on TV??
Muffin lets me know she's just heard a TV doorbell by barking and running to the door--ready to tear the invisible man behind it to shreds.
We don't even have a doorbell--I think she's rarely if ever actually heard one. Either I'm watching too much television or there are too many ringing doorbells on TV. Luckily she doesn't do this every single time and isn't a big TV watcher unless she hears a TV squeaky toy.
Tune in now and you'll hear doorbells on...
  • pizza commercials
  • dog shows like Dog Whisperer and It's Me or The Dog--not a big fan of hers
  • pizza commercials
  • hmmm--just about any show or commercial
Now I shudder every time I hear the damn TV doorbell--and they never stop!
Look for my set-top TV Doorbell Silencer soon.


Sue said...

Let me know when you've perfected the silencer. I'll be the first in line to buy it. With ten dogs, I'll attest that there are too many doorbells in commercials.

dogulove said...

Wow ten dogs?! Sharon has 3 and I have Muffin so I thought four was lots of doggies. Funny, since that post she's been better at recognizing the tv from reality.



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