Sunday, May 17, 2009

Earthquake Tonight!! Dogs are Fine!

Wow--the house was shakin' tonight and it was violent and scary--luckily everyone is OK and nothing fell down. I was here at Sharon's in Redondo Beach--very close to the epicenter in El Segundo.
I pannicked and my first instinct was to protect Muffin, but she was fine and I banged my foot into the kitchen doggie gate! After 15 seconds--always feels longer though--it stopped. I was in LA in 1994 for the big Northridge Quake and all the quakes since then. This was definitely very intense--I really thought the house was going to crumble, worst one I can remember since '94. Didn't even check the garage yet, where lot's of boxes are stored above the car. The Cal Tech earthquake gurus said it was only a 4.7 but it really felt more like a 6.0. Well, going to try to sleep now--Muffin, Sophie and Sharon are already in bed. The pugs--Reilly & Duncan--are asleep in their kitchen bed.


dogulove said...
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designergirl said...

Adam hovered over Muffin in the doorway to protect her...he completely ignored everyone else even after I screamed for him!!!!

Lindsay said...

Glad everyone is OK. I live in North Dakota and have never experienced an earthquake.

Muffin sure is cute. She does look like a puppy! I see the dachshund in her though.



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