Thursday, June 04, 2009

who would you save? husband or wife or dog? correct answer--DOG

A tsunami strikes--a real life possibility here on beach near venice, ca--in a split second you must decide who to save--your wife/husband (or girlfriend) or your dog. For me this was easy--although I deeply care about Sharon--I'm diving for Muffin first.
If you were really honest I’m sure many would answer the same way. I know muffin would do anything for me at any time unconditionally--no ifs ands or buts. Would Sharon do the same? I’m sure she would but I’m still saving muffin first. She was a little upset after the earthquake because I leeped for Muffin first. Sure I’m shooting myself in the foot--but I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

You probably already heard about the man who rescued his very cute 2yr old 14 lb rat terrier from the jaws of a shark in the Florida keys last October 2008. Remarkably after getting stitched up from the bite wounds Jake the dog was not critically injured and made a full recovery. The owner dived into the sharks head like a battering ram--arm extended--fist first--punching the shark--and releasing Jake from its jaws. Tough situation to fathom, but I certainly would fight with everything I had if this happened to Muffin. I’d rather be dead then live after seeing her go this way. What do you think...

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Thedogg said...

There's a tsunami and Muffin can save you or her tennis ball.
I'm guessing you drown.



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