Friday, April 03, 2009

Want this Apt ? Must Have A Dog or Two !!

Now how cool is this??
If you happen to be looking for an apartment for you and your pooch most of the time you’ll be slammed with something like--“no pets”--and if you’re lucky maybe the ad will say --“pets OK”.
But when was the last time they hit you with--“Must Have 1 or 2 Dogs”!!
Ahh some truly enlightened souls still do exist in California despite the high taxes, traffic, and smog. This ad was found in the Feb/March issue of The Pet Press, a local free paper here in Los Angeles.
If you have actually shuffled through any apartment listings lately you probably noticed lots more “Pets OK” thanks to the recession. Your local greedy landlord just cannot afford to be Mr. “NO” anymore. So despite all the gloom and doom blather, it’s actually a pretty good time to be looking for a pet friendly rental apartment, and rents have actually come down a little too. And I’m usually the glass is half empty guy!

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