Wednesday, March 04, 2009

REVIEW: The BEST Bully Sticks -- MOO

Most dogs have never run into problems from chewing on rawhide, but the dangers are real.
Rawhide consists of actual animal hides whose origins are largely unknown and virtually unregulated! In short the hides are treated with harsh toxins and bleaches leaving behind residues of formaldehyde and arsenic! I certainly would never give these to Muffin after reading this must-read article from my friends at Tails of Santa Monica. The hide can also expand in the stomach, resutling in serious gastrointestinal issues like intestinal blockage.
Thankfully there are plenty of great alternatives. Muffin’s favorite chew would be the bully stick. She loves chomping on these sticks almost as much as playing with her mini blue squeak tennis ball. Air Kong Air Squeaker Balls, Extra Small

The best ones I’ve found are Moo Free Range Dog Chews from a company called Free Range Dog Chews. What’s great about them?
• They are odor free as result of correct manufacturing procedures (some bully sticks smell awful!)
• Sourced from 100% Brazilian Free Range cattle
• They are free of hormones, antibiotics, and animal by products
• Manufactured in the company’s own facilities, inspected through every processing step and meet all strict USDA standards.
• Very digestible and may benefit teeth and gums (although not a substitute for regular brushing)
All I know is that they are much safer then any rawhide and how many companies can actually claim these high standards?
All the dogs crave these, and Muffin will literally sit next the refrigerator alternately looking at me and then to the top of the re-fridge where I keep them. She’s 18 lbs and I give the 6“ or 7“ sticks. She’ll usually make it halfway through one in about 30 to 40 minutes. I’ll tell her she’s had enough, she’ll take a big drink of water, and I’ll save the other half for next time. Although she’s a very thorough and conscientious chewer, I’ll usually ask her to put it down when 2” or 3” are still left just to make sure she doesn’t accidently swallow a big chunk.
She’s inherited my yuck factor of not taking things from someone else’s mouth! If Sophie or the pugs start the stick, muffin won’t go near it! And like her daddy, she’ll almost never drink from someone else’s water bowl, especially if it looks the slightest bit dirty.Such a smart little girl.


Anonymous said...

Oh, just let Muffin choke on one.

designergirl said...

That's a very mean thing to say!!!



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