Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A Dog Show for Mutts! Nuts for Mutts

Sick and tired of stuffy ridiculously lame purebred dog shows? Oooh look, that lovely little Yorkie can stand still while getting its butt inspected before walking around in a circle--on a leash!
Now let’s do it all over again with another 100 or so carefully bred professional dogs that probably can’t do much of anything.
How about a dog show featuring the best dogs in the world--MUTTS! And these mutts compete in interesting categories like...
• Most Vocal
• Best Physically Challenged
• Best Smile
• Cutest Mutt Couple
• Most Toy/Ball Crazy (Muffin should enter this one!)
• Best Kisser
• Best...Lab Mix--Shepherd Mix--Pit Bull Mix
• Best Trick
And over a dozen more! Nuts For Mutt’s Dog Show and Pet Fair near Los Angeles celebrates the mutt and 2009 will mark it’s 8th year. Sorry, no purebreds allowed--you guys can enjoy your Westminster snooze fest--kudos to 10 yr old Stump.
The show raises funds for New Leash on Life Animal Rescue, a local non-profit that rescues and rehabs homeless pets. Over 500 dogs will compete and you can bring your dog even if she is not competing. Over 10,000 dog lovers will attend on May 17, 2009. See the Nuts for Mutts website for pricing and tons of other info.
Sounds like a lotta fun.

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