Wednesday, April 08, 2009

DOGA--Yoga With Your Dog

Now instead of doing it alone, you and your four legged better half can bond even further through DOGA. Yes, Doga, yoga you do with your dog. OK, at first glance today's New York Times Doga article was downright ridiculous. Combining massage, meditation with some light stretching, Doga unites human and dog on the yoga mat.
Yoga is something that's always scared me a little. I picture myself clumsily flailing about in a pool of sweat while lithe lovely young models just a few feet away snicker and sneer. However...if I could yoga with Muffin--and she already knows the downward dog-- yes I would try it immediately. Dogs break the ice, the tension, the stone cold seriousness of most any situation. And that's where Doga may excel, the more stuff Muffin and I can do together the happier we are. As the article illlustrates, you need the yoga, your dog needs your attention, and the bonding benefits the health of pet and partner. "Were it not for their pets, many people would never take daily walks in the park. By extension, it’s easy to see how taking your dog to doga may be a surefire way to make certain you do yoga yourself." --NYT Photo by Michael Nagle for The New York Times


The Relationship Journalist said...

LOL - that's hilarious but soo wrong! Then again, my cat does yoga NEXT to me when I do it at home. To each his own!

dogulove said...

Ha-thanks for weighing in! And congrats on the new book.



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