Wednesday, February 25, 2009

REVIEW: Best Dog Groomer-BUBBLES PET SPA, Torrance, CA

Before finding Bubbles Pet Spa my dog grooming experiences left me frustrated and unfulfilled. I stopped going to one after they cut Muffin's nails too short. They bled all over the carpet when we got home. Sure mistakes get made, but it would have been wise for them to inform me. That way I would have tried to keep her solitary for a while and avoided a mess that Muffin felt absolutely awful about.
Here a few things you should expect from a dog groomer...
• Is the facility clean, freshly scented, and open, with no secret back rooms?
• Is is staffed with dog people who understand how to relate to me and my mutt?
• Are the dogs already there happy and calm?
• Are they open 7 days a week with the option to book online?
YES YES YES and YES to all of the above at Bubbles.
• Do they keep all previous instructions and prior groomers readily accessible on their computers. YES
--i.e.: I should not have to specify each time that I don’t want their whiskers cut and leave the ears as long as possible.
• Is the name of last groomer and length of cut also in front of them? YES
Hair Length-I love that they have an actual chart showing me exactly the different length options. I would always have to tell my old groomer, “well umm make it pretty short but not too short...” Now WYSIWYG!!
• Are they fast, yet thorough and gentle?
YES, they are always done sooner than expected and when I arrive Muffin and Sophie are in large clean cages patiently waiting with their sweet pink bandanas.
• A regular grooming includes a brushing, bath, haircut, nails trimmed, ears cleaned and excess hair pulled out, anal glands cleaned.
• Paws are always perfectly tapered and trimmed, coat is cut evenly and super silky soft, and they smell clean and fresh for days . Although I must admit, I love Muffin’s natural corn chip-like aroma!
• They offer many other special services like pickup and delivery, furminator treatments, special shampoos, do it yourself wash, “Hydro Bath”.
• Coupons and discounts are frequently mailed out.
This review is for the Torrance Location. Other location is in Manhattan Beach, CA.
We’ve been there about 6 times, usually with just Muffin and Sophie. Sometimes with Muffin, Sophie and the dumb pugs.
Very comprehensive website with all the info:


designergirl said...

Check out "Groomer has it", the owner of Bubbles Pet Spa is a contestant.

Anonymous said...

Muffin looks very much like our little Chino (as in Mocha). We adopted him recently and no one quite knows what he is, but he was listed as a spaniel mix. He is a lovable boy. We are down in San Diego.



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