Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Sixth Birthday Muffin!

Muffin, born on the streets of East Los Angeles, turns six years old today.
She’s in great shape, very happy but always a little cynical. Hard to believe she’s almost a senior already. It scares me! We have such a limited window with our dogs and it’s now so hard to imagine an existence without her. Sure I may be getting ahead of myself, instead focusing on the here and now. Yes, every single day that she is here with me I am truly blessed. There is no greater love in my life and if that sounds weird, than either you’ve never had a dog or you’ve never truly bonded with one.
Kudos to Mickey Rourke for thanking his dogs and being honest about how important they are in his life!
Without saying a word we can say volumes to each other. Her eyes, ears, and face are constantly speaking to me. I thought we’d start the day with a good 26 minute run this morning. She was smiling the entire time and then wanted to do the ball throwing stair workout when we got back home. She’s propelled me to run faster and happier. No longer focused on my aches and pains, instead watching her compact athletic frame and happy face setting the pace as we run through life together.

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