Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Centinela Feed is a store that I strive to like but alas always leave angry or upset.
They are a homegrown so-cal chain and stock a pretty good variety of high (and low) quality dog foods (although not Muffin’s Honest Kitchen food), treats, toys and accessories.
I certainly would go there way before stepping inside the national rip-off chains like Petco or Petsmart.
But I may have finally endured my last visit.
Every Sunday I diligently clip their coupon from the LA Times. It's always promised 15% off whatever you buy. For a couple of weeks they actually raised it to 20% before quietly reverting back. These coupons are good for 13 days.
Keep in mind that minus the coupons their prices are solidly on the high side and there stores always feel kinda depressing and strange, like the feng shui is just way off.
Anyway I’m in there last Sunday buying a flea comb and they tell me they will not accept my coupon because it expired the day before!!! Give your local customer a break!! I took the time to clip the damn thing and kept it in my wallet all week!! At Bed, Bath & Beyond the coupons NEVER expire and Ralph’s usually accepts expired coupons too. They gave some excuse about the bar code and the policy blah blah.
Now comes the really sneaky part. Last night I stop in to pick up some bully sticks for Muffin (at the rip-off price of $3.99 each no less!). I diligently made sure I had the current coupon with me and proudly handed it to the cashier. She points out that this coupon is only good on a $50 minimum purchase. WHAT!! When did this happen?? They just snuck that in there for the first time!!! Up until now there was never a minimum.
Ah yes, now “EVERYTHING” doesn’t actually mean everything unless you spend $50.00!!

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Thedogg said...

Muffin is a spoiled brat.
Booooo, Muffin!



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