Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Muffin Whisperer-She just gets it.

When I watch the dog god, Cesar Millan, I usually feel sorry for his victims - those dog moms and dads who either got stuck with a difficult pooch or have a good dog but no clue about how to proceed from there.
I look at Muffin and think, yeah I’m a great dad. Most everything that Cesar teaches is just common sense to me. But perhaps being a dad to Muffin has also spoiled me somewhat. She just gets it and really never had any behavior issues.
Here’s a list of eleven of the myriad things Muffin does right naturally...
1. She has never even touched an object that wasn’t given to her. She knows the difference between her balls and my socks.
2. Although she’s and aggressive chewer with her bully sticks and green breath bones, again she’s never touched a chair leg or anything else.
3. I can leave the kitchen trash can filled with food and she will never touch it whether I’m home or out.
4. When we’re out walking if someone is on their own lawn muffin will skip it and not pee or poop there.
5. She has no hang-ups with vacuum cleaners or any household appliances.
6. I can let her off leash and never worry about her wandering. She would never stray too far from me and always checks to make sure I’m still there.
7. The only people she barks at are the same ones I would bark at, creepy people who convey a strange or toxic energy.
8. She doesn’t like to play with other dogs, so daddy doesn’t need to worry about her getting hurt or roughed up.
9. When I say I’m leaving she just goes to her spot on the couch & sulks, she’s too upset to give me a kiss but lets me kiss her goodbye. (It’s so hard to leave her-why shouldn’t she be allowed everywhere I go!!??? That’s an upcoming blog post.)
10. She’s never a nuisance, she reads me. When I’m chilling she’s chilling.
11. Her ability to read my eyes is extraordinary. She constantly initiates and holds eye contact. She understands the distinctions of my expressions and voice tonality. Her face, eyes and ears are extraordinarily expressive. She has dozens of ear positions (one back 
one forward, both back, both up or down). We can speak to each other without saying a word.
This is just the tip of the Muffin iceberg. Sure she has a few minor issues, but considering all the things she gets right, I can gladly live with her few little idiosyncrasies.

wow, that’s my girl

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