Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Can't bring the dog? Then forget it, I'm staying home!!

A bratty little 2 year old is crying, screaming and bothering everybody, yet I am forced to leave my polite, sweet Muffin at home. Please explain why kids are allowed to get away with this while quiet, trained dogs are forcibly separated from their loving owners. Not fair!
A dog is only with you on this earth for a limited amount of time and I am determined to spend that precious time with Muffin. She just makes the experience so much better and loves to be included. So if you are a dog owner, always ask a cafe or restaurant if they allow dogs and let them know your utter disappointment when they don’t.
A few places here in LA that should allow dogs outside but don’t are Jerry’s Deli, Urth Cafe, and Starbucks. However, a great place near the ocean in Venice is the Canali Cafe. They always welcome Muffin on the comfortable patio, and the food is quite good. Cafe Mermaids near my gym and overlooking the boats is also a rare find that welcomes dogs. In Culver City with it’s hip new restaurant scene, M Cafe was very enthusiastic about accommodating dogs on the patio. I haven’t actually been yet, but it looks delicious good and is part of the same group that owns Chaya Venice and Chaya Brasserie.

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