Friday, December 12, 2008

Muffin at The Del Mar Dog Beach!

After a thanksgiving in San Diego, me & Sharon took Muffin and Sophie to the Del Mar Dog Beach on the way back to LA.
Me and the Muffin had a blast. Since Muffin already lives on a beach, she swiftly found her groove. I throw the tennis ball about 80 ft, she leaps into the air with a perfectly timed jump, catches it and brings it back to me. Doing this on my beach can be punished with a $250 ticket!!
You read correctly!
So here she got to show off her skills with a great workout--all guilt free! I don’t know why we don’t have more of these closer to LA, although none would match the scenic beauty of Del Mar, a gorgeous (expensive) little beach town.
There was plenty of room and the sand was just firm enough so the ball would bounce and she wouldn’t have her adorable little face covered in sand. It also discouraged her from digging a hole, like she did tonight on our beach. Digging is great exercise and it really tires her out, but the ball fetching and running had her passed out in the back seat for the 2 hour drive back home anyway.
Sophie has a great time hanging out until we almost ready to leave. She’s not always too trustworthy off-leash. She took the opportunity to meander from the beach about 100 yards, through a volleyball game and almost to busy PCH before Sharon caught up and leashed the little girl. That was the end of her freedom privilege. Muffin I never have to worry about, she never wants to stray far from me especially when I have the ball.
FACTS: Parking along this narrow stretch of PCH can be a bit harrowing with all the traffic coming behind you and the relatively narrow road. We almost didn’t even realize that you have to pay. They have one of these central pay stations. Cost was about $1 per 30 mins and I guess they aggressively ticket around here. You feed your dollar into the machine, it ejects a slip that you place on your windshield. Kind of a pain since you then have to walk all the back to the car. Apparently it’s only an off-leash park from Oct to May so that’s really the only time to go. There were also signs that the water around the beach was contaminated due to runoff (welcome to california) but nevertheless dogs were getting wet, although certainly not Muffin. More info can be found here .
n n n n 4 Bones out of 5. Lost a bone due to polluted water and awkward parking.


designergirl said...

Soooooo much fun...highly recommend checking it out!!!

cparkmink said...

We have a dog named Eli that looks just like Muffin, check out the pictures here:



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