Wednesday, October 22, 2008

POOP! A love-hate thing...

  • Pick up that poop!! I get sick seeing all the poop, on our Muffin walks, that get's left on the grass or sand.
  • Poop can spread disease to your dog.
  • It's disgusting if it's not Muffin's.
  • Poop makes all dog owners look irresponsible. See that brown pile of stink! Well, of course it's not Muffin's. I ALWAYS pick her's up, but people give me dirty looks anyway. Never leave the house without at least 3 POOP BAGS.
  • Muffin has a very sensitive tummy.
  • A couple of years ago a solid poop was truly a thing to celebrate. I tried many different super premium foods like Innova, Wellness, Eagle Pack, etc.
  • Finally I found an amazing food called Honest Kitchen. I give her the Embark version. She's healthy, lots of energy, her coat is silky,
  • and her poops are consistently great!!
  • Solid, small, easily picked up, not too smelly, just wonderful premium poops. I highly recommend this stuff.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Muffin makes the best poops!! :-D



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