Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Is your dog a MUFFIN dog? Eight things about little Muffin.

1. Always wants to play with her tennis squeak ball: usually on the stairway, but also on the beach, in the living room, anywhere I will throw it to her. Sometimes she'll leave it at my feet for me to discover.

2. See's herself as more human than dog. Muffin seems to say, "you guys can play your silly roughhousing games, and sniff each others butt's. I'll say hello, but I have more important things to do like"...

3. ...Stay focused on my daddy, we are always completely in sync, and she always wants to be there for me, and me for her. She's extremely good at eye contact and understanding subtle gestures and expressions.

4. She lifts her leg to pee like a boy, and likes to mark everything (only outside of course) especially if it's a new area.

5. Amazingly she always knows exactly which toys are hers and has never touched anything that wasn't.

6. Hate's being left alone. She'll just lie on the couch, with her nervous look and will not kiss me goodbye, even after I kiss her little head 20 times.

7. Every morning she'll bark when she hears the UPS truck. Not the FEDEX, Mail, or garbage trucks, only UPS annoys her.

8. She hates being photographed and never holds a pose when I take a photo. That hasn't stopped me from making her my main subject though! I have more pictures of her than anyone else.

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