Saturday, January 23, 2010

Balls Beach Rain and Dogs in CA

Yes it was a most unusual week in Los Angeles. It rained. When it rains around here streets flood, roofs leak, people can't drive, dogs don't want to poop.
Hah! Just got a hard face licking from Muffin, she's hungry. OK back to rain. Although we took no runs together this week she got in a couple of great beach workouts.
Muffin lights up and goes nuts as she quickly comprehends that we're hitting the beach with whatever tennis ball she's into that week. This week it's been a full-size yellow one that she found at the front of our building and wouldn't put down when I told her it was too dirty. I've since cleaned it.

She jumps up at me and barks on our entire 50 ft walk to the beach. My first throw sails above the sidewalk adjacent to the beach, she runs, catches it after the first bounce, then hits the beach and starts digging a hole. She likes to find a shallow pre-dug hole, drops the ball in and furiously digs around it, then jumps back and waits for me to throw it.
She races as the ball soars 200 feet or so makes a sliding stop as she fields it with her mouth and runs back to me and the hole. After a few throws and lots of digging she flops down in the hole and rests for a few minutes before the digging begins anew. Her face has a huge energized smile the entire time.

Sometimes she'll fling the ball out of the hole and I can't find it. She then will just look at and pivot her face back to me until I see it.
Brilliant little girl.
She'll be seven next month but has barely slowed down and can run with the best of them. Thanks to her I've become an expert thrower, on the beach, in here against the door, down the stairwell, she always makes a Derek Jeter like play and brings it back.

We get back to my place--I think she's done and ready to collapse, but every time she still wants to do a few stairway fetch runs and then collapses on her side. When she lies on her side, I know she's tired.
After the rains the sand and sky looked like a different planet, the moon meets the mojave.

Another sublime little experience with my little girl. Sorry to be corny, but I really have the best times with her.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, I honestly have your dog's long lost twin! You won't believe how much Muffin looks like my Chucky! I will try to send you some pics of Chucky as you won't believe how much they look alike. I have searched and searched to find out what breed she is and the closest matches I can find are some sort of papillon/chihuaha/pom mix. Chucky has the exact same coat, colour, ears and size although her face appears a tiny bit more pointy!

Anonymous said...

My new flickr account is "sando1983", I just created one to add photos of my dog for you to see :)



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