Sunday, September 20, 2009

Signs That Piss Me Off!

Where I live we have lots of beach but very little actual green grass.
Dogs love grass, it's one of their few simple pleasures.

We like to think we live in an enlightened era, accepting of dogs, but do we? Here in LA you cannot bring a dog anywhere but a pet store and the few brave cafes who will sidestep the law and allow them on the outside patio. Dogs are technically not even allowed to even touch the sand on a beach with a leash -unless it's one of the very few dog beaches!
Between the houses near our bungalow are these compact grass courtyards that Muffin enjoys peeing on, pooping (of course this gets picked up immediately), and sniffing, but I can't let her play there anymore with her ball--not when every single courtyard now has signs reading--"CAUTION: THIS LAWN HAS BEEN TREATED WITH A CHEMICAL THAT MAY BE HARMFUL TO YOUR PETS".
What if the word pets was replaced by KIDS? And what does this mean exactly? Instead of signs threatening to poison my little girl, why not something instead that threatens the owners, like "Have fun but you better pick up the poop and limit the peeing and we're watching you". Pets face enough hazards already. Why create more while depriving them of yet another place to frolic?

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