Friday, May 07, 2010

Running Smart

Something interesting happened on our late afternoon run yesterday. About 3 minutes into the run we came upon a big condo building on the beach that had just been tented and fumigated for termites. The tent had just come off but the "danger fumigation" signs were still on the building and I didn't want us to run on the adjacent sidewalk like we normally do.

So as we approached I said to Muffin "let's go this way instead" and gently nudged her onto the sand about 20 feet from the chemical doused condos.

Twenty minutes later we're returning, running the opposite way approaching the building.

Muffin was now running ahead of me leash free.

Instead of taking the sidewalk as we always do, she stayed on the sand and avoided the building without me saying anything. 
She had remembered what we did earlier and did not need to be told again.
It was 20 minutes later, we approached from the opposite end, and 1000 times before had always taken the sidewalk adjacent to the building. This is one dog with real intelligence and at 7 years old she still easily outruns me.


Rachael said...

brilliant. my boo, Ludo helps me stay on schedule everyday. he tells time better than i do.

adam said...

I bet Ludo always knows when it's dinnertime. Muffin always nudges me if I'm late.

k9 said...

Muffin is so intelligent really.
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Dog Walker Los Angeles said...

SO intelligent i enjoyed it.
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