Wednesday, March 10, 2010

is your dog leash aware?

You're walking your dog and approaching a tree or pole. Does Fido walk on the near side, close to you, avoiding a leash situation or does he take the far side forcing you to detour or reach around the tree with the leash?

In my post a few weeks ago about practical dog intelligence, I neglected to mention leash awareness.

Yes, Muffin is leash aware and does not walk on the wrong side of trees, poles or whatever obstacle we approach. On that rare occasion when it slips her mind, a gentle leash nudge is all it takes to correct her.

It's something I take for granted until I walk a dog like Sophie, a less experienced walker who seems to be absolutely clueless about the leash location,  consistently taking the wrong route. A fun walk can be become a real drag if the dog is not leash aware.

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Anonymous said...

Never thought much about this before, but you make some worthy points. My dog is "somewhat" leash aware! Great pic too.



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