Thursday, July 02, 2009

dumbest dog product ever

Looking for a useless, expensive, cumbersome, and totally ridiculous mess of a product to futz with while walking fido? We’ll I’ve found it for you...The Pawsby PooPatroller could easily be mistaken for a joke, but it appears to be real since they bothered to take out a quarter page ad in Modern Dog magazine in addition to a professional looking website with flash video. Why anyone would want this thing is beyond me. It’s a clumsy contraption with a built in crank flashlight, hygienic concealed poop bag holder, removable water bowl, attached hemp leash--you actually have to hold this thing while it’s attached to your dog--which gives you no control of sudden leash jerks or pulling--and it has little compartment that holds a few dog treats. The price--$84.95 includes 350 biodegradable waste bags, which would be it’s only saving grace. You can actually buy only the 350 bags on their site for $53.50.
That’s still a very high price compared to an Amazon seller where 700 Biodegradable, Dog Waste Bags, Pet Waste Bags - BLUE + FREE Dispenser
can be had for only $19.98. Perhaps this contraption’s only purpose is to grab your attention so you’ll buy their bags..that must be it!!
Their own promotional video does a horrible job of trying to sell this. Just watch how much time and effort it takes to load a single bag onto the holder!
If you’re too squeamish to pick up your dogs poop you shouldn’t have a dog. Poop cleanup with with a bag in your hand should be second nature. Apparently you can place the loaded bag back into the device until you find a trash can. Ughhh. If anyone actually has this thing, please tell me all about your experience!


Anonymous said...

I have a Pawsby and its great. Its easy to load and picks up great without my hand in a bag. Very light and no problem with the leash and buddie[20#'s}light's great at nite.bags biodegrade.

dogulove said...

OK, thanks for commenting. You sound a little like a Pawsby PR person though and I suspect you are. However, if you are truly enjoying this thing, than great.



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