Friday, May 08, 2009

REVIEW--Give The Dog A Bath--The BEST Dog Shampoo

Look no further--this is the best shampoo for dogs. Most dogs have dry or sensitive skin and many shampoos--including baby shampoo--are too harsh--irritating--artificial--and heavily scented--for our sensitive dogs. Doc Ackerman’s Botanical Colloidal Oatmeal Shampoo
has proven itself time and again with our combined 4 dogs. Yes, you can find hipper bottles and trendier brands--the name sounds a bit hoaky and lenghthy--and the Doc’s website looks like it hasn’t been tweaked since 1995. But 10 years went into developing this stuff--the company has been around since 1979 and in today’s fast track culture this company retains a homegrown authentic pedigree. And you get a very generously sized bottle for only about 12 bucks. Colliodal Oatmeal is very finely ground or pulverized oatmeal and has been utilized for centuries to treat skin problems. It supposedly binds to the skin--moisturizing and softening--all natural. Unlike my Pantene shampoo (which I’m going to stop using)--Doc Ackerman’s has no Lauryl Sulfate--a harsh irritant deemed somewhat toxic yet found in myriad consumer products. We’ve used Doc Ackerman’s on Muffin and Sharon’s three dogs--pugs--Reilly and Dumb Duncan-who at 12 is incontinent and pees on himself--and little papillon mix--Sophie. It leaves all of them soft and silky and much less itchy--with a light vanilla bean scent--fresh but not over-powering. It certainly doesn’t have that cheap cologne scent common in many dog shampoos. I love Muffin’s natural frito-like scent and after a week and a half it comes back again as the shampoo fades. If you have very smelly dogs like pugs, I reccomend leaving the shampoo on for at least 10 minutes and scrubbing very thoroughly! It won’t hurt their eyes and rinses out well. Don’t bathe your dog more than once a week with any shampoo or you’ll wash off their natural oils. Brushing is a great way to mantain a healthy glossy coat. I use the Furminator--wow the price on this has really come down!--on Muffin 2-3 times/week and she glows aftwarwards. She also gets a Dr. Harvy’s Health and Shine Essential Fatty Acid Supplement every day. Review coming soon--these are fabulous--with huge benefits for Muffin’s coat--reduced shedding and itching--and overall health. You won’t find these great products--aside from the FURminator for an inflated price--WOW $45 at Petco online and probably more at the store --at your typical corporate pet emporioum--but I urge you too seek them out or use my links. You and your doggie will not be dissapoointed.

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