Wednesday, November 05, 2008

REVIEW: SPIKE Lighted Collar $29.00

Me and Muffin are night owls.
I almost never walk her at night without a lighted collar. Much of the time by the beach she is off leash. With a lighted collar I'll never lose track of her and it gives me piece of mind to that drivers will see her also. She also tends to like to pee in dark corners, blending into the shadows.
The quality of these varies greatly but the new one I just found, The Spike Lighted Dog Collar, blows the others away!
  • It's built like a tank. Almost military spec with a very rugged rubber on/off button that seems to be sand & waterproof along with a tough rubbery plastic enclosure and clasp.
  • NOT made in China, made in Canada. The company also leans green, claiming that whenever possible the materials are recyclable and reusable and 2% of the proceeds go to dog-friendly organizations! Nice!
  • It's flexible like a regular collar. My previous one (The Visiglo-NOT recommended!) was very stiff and uncomfortable. I was always trying to bend it to conform to Muffin's neck but it stayed more triangular than circular. This one feels thin (not flimsy) and very flexible.
  • BATTERIES! It takes 2 regular boring AAA batteries!! WOW! I must have wasted $100 on ridiculous and EXPENSIVE watch batteries for the Visiglo. Almost every 15 hours I was out spending $8.50 on 2 new watch batteries. And after a few hours the Visiglo was noticeably dimmer! It's been almost a month now and I'm still on my first set of AAA bats and the SPIKE is as bright as ever! Very very impressive.
  • It's WIDTH (1.5 in) seems excessive at first especially for a smaller dog. But there is a reason for this--it prevents Muffin's fur from covering the collar. Great idea! The Spike won't get buried in a long coat!
  • Speaking of dog hair, it has protective piece of material that prevents Muffin's hair from getting caught in the sliding clasp when you're placing it on her neck. Hard to explain, but a darn good idea.
  • Even if the collar is turned off, it's remains extremely reflective.
  • At $29.00 it may seem a little expensive, but the build quality, innovative features, and battery life will actually save you money in the not so long run. Remember, I probably spent almost $100 on batteries in under a year during my time with the poorly made Visiglo.
  • I bought mine at a great doggy boutique store in Venice, CA called The Modern Dog. The Spike website does not seem to have a working "buy" link.
  • Oh, just one more thing. Apparently it made the coveted "O" List, the stamp of approval by Oprah.
  • RATING KEY-- 1 BONE=Stinky Poop to 5 Bones=Muffin Love (The BEST)

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